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Ben Morley MD
“Thanks to BM Tech, there’s a new best practise for plastic from cooling towers and water treatment works that avoids landfill and reduces transport CO2 emissions.”
Ben Morley, Managing Director

Using imagination and engineering know-how to develop recycling solutions for plastic waste”



We envision a time when plastic will be recycled and re-used in the same way that other materials such as steel and glass are. A circular economy for plastics.


We want to facilitate the recycling of ALL cooling tower and ALL water treatment plastic waste in the UK, so nothing goes to landfill.


BM Tech recycles waste plastic with a focus on uPVC from cooling towers and water treatment plants.  We provide a complete solution starting with our mobile compactor which helps to reduce the number of lorry loads used to transport from your site to the BM Tech Recycling Centre in South Derbyshire.  Once the waste arrives with us, we shred, clean, mill, separate and dry the material to create a regrind.  The regrind is then sold to manufacturers so the uPVC is recycled into products such as gutters, fascias, window frames and pipes.  

Contaminants such as silt, stones, concrete and steel are separated and recycled so nothing goes to landfill.

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Official Partner

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BM Tech is a member of Recovinyl, the Europe wide organisation that monitors and verifies the recycling of PVC waste and the uptake of PVC recyclate.  Click here to visit the Recovinyl website.