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Waste plastic in front of a cooling tower
One natural draft cooling tower contains around 10,000m3 of plastic fill media. Uncompacted, this would mean 91 lorry loads. The BM Tech compactor can reduce this to just 18 lorry loads.

Cooling tower plastic is bulky and low density, which makes it awkward to transport. Are you looking for a disposal solution that avoids transport hassles?  As a bonus, the material will be recycled, increasing your average waste recycle rate.  BM Tech is able to remove the material from site so it can be recycled.  Your new best practise for cooling tower plastic is no transport hassles and recycling the plastic.

BM Tech has developed a mobile compactor which is capable of self-loading, shredding, compacting and forcing the compacted waste plastic media into a lorry trailer. This offers the opportunity to significantly reduce the number of heavy vehicles moving between your site and the BM Tech recycling facility.  That means fewer logistics hassles and less transport CO2 emissions.

BM Tech Recycling compactor
BM Tech Recycling compactor self loading with cooling tower pack material

BM Tech is familiar with operating on demolition sites and is able to provide the necessary method statements, risk assessments, certificates and policies to confirm this. Please call 07947 352934 to talk to us to find out how we could help you. We would be delighted to discuss best practise ideas to ensure efficient operations.

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