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Waste plastic fill media
Waste plastic fill media used in cooling towers and trickle filter beds (the shovel helps to understand the scale)

You take your social responsibility to protect the environment seriously and are already committed to see materials being recycled at the end of their working life. Are you ever asked to accept cooling tower plastic or water treatment works plastic? BM Tech could help you provide a best practise solution, avoiding landfill in favour of recycling.

Plastic fill media is a honeycomb type of structure used in water treatment works and power station cooling towers. The honeycomb design creates a very large surface area. The media is often in large blocks, frequently described as “pack”. Plastic fill media is made from either uPVC or, in more recent installations, Polypropylene. The fill media has a working life of typically around 25 years. By the end of life, the pack material is heavily contaminated with solids blinding the voids. In the past this made it too hard to recycle and used material was sent to landfill.

BM Tech is able to recycle uPVC from plastic fill media, therefore supporting your Client’s environmental requirements and helping to improve environmental target achievement by Reducing, Reusing and Recycling this material. No longer can Landfill and Energy from waste options for this kind of media be considered as best practice.

Please call us on 07947 352934 to discuss how we could help you. We would be delighted to discuss best practise ideas to ensure efficient operations.

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